I'm a marketing specialist with a passion for branding and use storytelling in a unique way.

Hi there! My name is Emily Hanover, and I am on the Jersey Shore. I have 6+ years of experience in the B2B + B2C marketing scene and have a passion for storytelling. I have created social media accounts and grown their growth by over 50%. I attended the University Of Cincinnati, and from there, my marketing career took off.  

“Design is not for philosophy, it’s for life.” - Issey Miyake

How I work

"I wanted to send a round of applause to Emily Hanover for a job well done in completing the initial stages of our librarian resources site audit. She did a fantastic job at reviewing and pulling out key insights from Hotjar and other internal resources in order to pinpoint specific areas on the site that require updates in order to improve upon our customers' user experiences online. This was no easy feat to complete,"

- Teammate, Senior Marketing Manager B2B 

"I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Emily Hanover for her contributions within our Showpad pilot effort. In addition to managing any technical questions/concerns that come through from our pilot users on an ongoing basis, Emily has also done a fantastic job at monitoring the ongoing success of the effort all - working with others on the team to establish and pull reporting for use in our monthly pilot group check-ins. Thank you again, Emily, for all your hard work!"

- Teammate Senior Marketing Manager B2B

"Emily did a great job on a couple of projects as part of the academic institutions team, focusing on the Middle East and North Africa region. Firstly, on collating social media information for regional posts and striving to get all the information from colleagues and platforms to give us a good overview and help to optimise these posts. Secondly, on a webinar report detailing promotional efforts with recommendations. Thanks for your enthusiasm and hard work, Emily!

- Teammate, EMENA Marketing Manager 

"Emily has been such a help with our marketing tactics in the MENA region. She has worked hard to optimize the tracking and reporting of our social posts with an important partner in Egypt, helping us to continually improve and create posts that engage with our audience. She has also been integral in reporting on social ad activities in this region, and reporting on the engagement of various key landing pages. All of this will help us to make sure we are delivering the best content at the best time and in the best place to our customers and market. Thanks Emily!

- Teammate, EMENA Marketing Manager


Oktoberfest is an annual festival held for the community by Kindle Auto Plaza; they have entrusted me to get their branding and messaging across while still lending my artistic eye to their branding each year. For this particular work it called for engaging and fun graphics while also understanding that it was an all-ages event. Steven Kindle has kept a great relationship with me throughout these six years, and I am always happy whenever he contracts me for their work. I've also gotten to engage with the community through this work and give back. This fundraising event goes to those organizations in Cape May County who need it the most. 

My Services

Digital Marketing
Graphic Design 
Campaign Management
SEO Keywords
Campaign Planning

About Me

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How I work

I work best in collaboration, and I find that most of my roles require me to work with others. This enabled me to build relationships and to truly hear what was important to clients.